connexion church & covid-19

(6/27/20) Sunday, July 5th we will have an outdoor service at Lincoln Park at 10:30am
Daniel Chappell will be preaching live and there will be live worship (and you can sing!).  You can bring your own chairs (or a blanket) if you like and we can stay and enjoy the park after the service so bring along a picnic lunch.

The remaining Sundays in July will be back at the church building with live preaching and pre-recorded music while we finish our sermon series examining Connexion's Core Values.

Sunday, August 2nd we will kick off full worship services back at Connexion with live preaching, live music and children's classes.  We are excited to get back to this point and we appreciate everyone's patience with us as we prepare for this day.  More details concerning children's classes and other information for August 2nd and beyond will be coming later.

It's been a strange and difficult few months for Connexion, but we are excited to see what Jesus has in store for us moving forward and these upcoming weeks will be big next steps for us, so please be in prayer for this time.

) We are excited to share with you some plans for gathering our people and connecting together for worship and for building our church family.  Our goal is to honor the Lord in all that we do and we are grateful for your patience as we walk through these decisions.  Our elders have met and are ready to begin the process of reopening our building for Sunday worship gatherings.  Starting on Sunday, June 14, we are planning to have Sunday gatherings at the church.  We will not be simply going back to what we had before Covid just yet.  We recognize that many in our church fellowship aren't going to be able to join us right away and we want to move forward in a way that doesn't disconnect our body but rather gives a consistent worship experience to everyone, regardless of the venue.

From June 14 forward, we will be able to expand what we are doing in the building as things progress.  Until there is the opportunity for everyone to gather with full worship team, children's ministry and nursery available, we will be offering our worship experience in three different ways.  We encourage everyone to prayerful consider how you will engage with us.

For now, we will continue to create the live stream experience that we have been using for the past several weeks.  We invite you to participate in this in one of three ways.

1.  Gathering at the Building - Starting on June 14, at 10:30am we will be gathering at the church to watch the live stream with others in the church family.  We will send out more details about these gatherings.  For the first several weeks, we will likely not have children's ministry or nurseries.  This will be a good option for those who are comfortable gathering with a larger group of people.  While it won't necessarily be like the gatherings we were doing before Covid, there will be some opportunity to connect face-to-face with others.

We would love to hear your thoughts about Sunday gatherings at the building.  Please click on the link below and take a 1 minute survey about Sunday gatherings.

Connexion Sunday Gathering Survey

2.  Gather in Small Groups - We recognize that many of our families are not yet ready to gather in a large group and so we want to make small groups available.  These groups will gather to watch the live stream together and to share in a discussion together.  This will allow people to be with the same group week after week.  This will be a great option for families with young children!

If you are interested in joining one of these groups, please fill out the sign up form below.

Small Group Sign up

3.  Participate in your own home - We recognize that for some of our church family, staying home is still a very wise choice and we love you all and want to make sure that you are still able to join us in worship!  We will continue to make the live stream available in the same manner that we have been doing.  

If you have any questions about these options, please ask us!  We want to continue to bring our church family together to worship our Lord and we want to help each of you be involved.